Dear Baby Monkey,

Your daddy and I are trying to put you back in our sights. ❤ You are definitely in our hearts. We talk about you a lot, how we will raise you, where you will sleep, what you may be like…

Today I found a photographer from Sweden. His name is Niklas Jumlin. He takes pictures of his child and they are just gorgeous, Baby Monkey. I hope I can do you such justice. I am hoping to purchase a full-frame camera that has great performance in low-light situations. Listen to me ramble about photography. I hope you like being my model, Baby Monkey.

I am taking what’s called prenatal vitamins. We are hoping that helps. Plus, we “call the stork” nearly every night. I’m burning at both ends, but it is worth it. You are worth it. ❤ Every second of waiting, every ounce of hope, every shred of worry. So stay focused, Baby Monkey. We’re doing our best on our end.

With love,



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