About These Letters

These letters, written by Mama Monkey and Mama Squirt, are intended for future read for their children. Whatever they want to make sure they remember to tell their kids, it will be in this blog. It will remain slightly anonymous, due to the fragile nature of childhood. Specific dates will be left aside, as well as full names, email addresses, precise locations, etc. These details, rest assured, will be kept by the mamas, but not posted to the world.


About the Mamas



Mama Monkey,

Mama Monkey is 25 years old. She and Daddy Monkey are so excited to be parents, it can’t even be put into words. Mama has been waiting for this for about five years, incredibly anxiously. Daddy has been more realistic, putting your well being before your existence. Now they are both confident in both your well-being and happiness, and can’t wait for you to come into this world.

 Mama Squirt:

Mama SqIMG_1425uirt is 26 years old. She is in the Navy and was getting ready to deploy with her ship when she discovered Baby Squirt would arrive soon. She and Daddy Squirt could not be more excited! She has secretly been longing for a baby for years, but knew that when the time was truly right it would happen on its own. She and Daddy have been married for two years, together for seven come December. Now, the timing couldn’t be better. With more emotional growth and maturity than ever, both Mama and Daddy feel as ready as they can for you.


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